Capital Plan invests in Albertans, supports jobs and economy

Through its 2015 Capital Plan, the Alberta government is investing $34 billion to build and maintain the modern, efficient infrastructure Alberta’s families and communities need.

The 5-year Capital Plan represents an ambitious investment in the province’s future. It provides for current and future infrastructure projects that better support Albertans. Investing in these projects now helps keep people working and sets the stage for medium and long-term economic growth.

Following the advice of former Bank of Canada governor and leading economist David Dodge, the government increased the Capital Plan by 15 per cent, over March 2015.  It also applied a counter cyclical approach to investing in needed infrastructure to take advantage of available industry capacity and low interest rates.

Building and Modernizing Alberta’s Schools

In Alberta, 200 school projects are underway to provide new and modernized schools for families and communities across the province. About half of these projects are on schedule to open as planned. To see the list of projects in your community, please click here.

A number of school projects currently underway will not meet opening dates as originally expected.  Please click here to see if projects in your community are impacted. Government is working with school jurisdictions on confirming project schedules.