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**NOTE** Many of the Technical Bulletins are currently being updated and are unavailable.  Any questions, please contact Cam Munro at or 780-422-7456
TB-001A.pdf De-Icing Concrete October 2016
TB-002.pdf EMCS Software Backup November 1, 1989
TB 003.pdf Painting of Acoustic Material January 1990
TB-004.pdf Technical Services Branch - Branch Overview December 2010
TB-005.pdf Full Spectrum Lighting June 30, 1990
TB-006.pdf Industrial Cable Connectors June 30, 1990
TB-007.pdf Sloped Glazing (Skylights) November 1990
TB-008.pdf High Voltage Power Fuses January 1991
TB-009.pdf Fire Alarm Systems January 1991
TB-010A.pdf Halon and Fire Protection March 1998
TB-011.pdf Alarm Monitoring April 1991
TB-012.pdf General Office Carpet September 2004
TB-013A.pdf Management of Underground Storage Tanks May 2003
TB-014.pdf Contaminated Property August 1991
TB-015.pdf Emergency Power Requirements September 1991
TB-016.pdf Emergency Power Generator Installation September 1991
TB-017.pdf Emergency Generator Testing September 1991
TB-018.pdf Emergency Generator Maintenance September 1991
TB-019.pdf Improving Drinking Water Safety December 1991
TB-020B.pdf Asbestos Management September 2013
TB-021.pdf ESNA Connector Failures May 1992
TB-022.pdf Fire Safety in Care Facilities May 1992
TB-023.pdf CFC's January 1993
TB-024.pdf Alberta Safety Codes Act February 1993
TB-025A.pdf Fuel Storage Systems May 2003
TB-026.pdf Solid State Fluorescent Ballasts November 1993
TB-027.pdf Landscape Irrigation Systems November 1993
TB-028.pdf CFC's - Property Management June 1994
TB-028A.pdf CFC's - Health Facilities Projects August 1995
TB-029.pdf Assistive Listening Systems August 1995
TB-030.pdf Indoor Air Quality August 1995
TB-031.pdf Coal Tar Roofing - Removal March 1998
TB-032.pdf Lead Paint Hazards March 1998
TB-033A.pdf Guideline for Maintaining Acceptable Indoor Air Quality May 2003
TB-034.pdf Asphalt Surfaces - Preventative Maintenance Guidelines May 2003
    TB-035.pdf Fall Protection February 2006
TB-036.pdf Roof Anchors March 2006
    TB-037.pdf Arc Flash and Workplace Electrical Safety September 2009
TB-038.pdf Security Considerations for Secure Rooms Located in Varied Use Facilities September 2012
TB-039.pdf Sustainable Rating Systems and Initiatives Available in Canada December 2015


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