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Design Bid Build (DBB) - Contract Administration Template
(Use for Stipulated Sum Construction Contract Administration)

"Bid Document/Drawing Review Checklist" has been relocated to http://www.infrastructure.alberta.ca/992.htm under the heading "Documentation"
ConsulFormInstruc Consultant Forms Instructions 2017-07-26
01 26 00-01.doc Site Instruction Template 2015-04-21
CO Process Change Orders and Charge Orders Process 2017-05-23
01 26 63-01.doc Change Order Worksheet 2017-09-28
01 26 63-02.doc Change Order Request for Proposal (11/20) 2015-05-21
01 26 63-03.docx Change Order 2018-08-10
01 26 63-04.doc Charge Order Request for Proposal 2018-08-10
01 26 63-05.doc Cash Allowance Charge Order 2018-08-10
01 26 63-08.doc Field Order 2018-08-10

Construction Management (CM) Template
(Use for Construction Management Construction Contract Administration)

ChangeProcessFlowchart.pdf Change Process Flowchart 2017-04-03
01 26 63.01.doc Change Request Template 2018-08-10
ChangeReasonCodeList.doc Change Document Reason Code List 2018-08-02
01 26 63.02.doc Contemplated Change Notice Template 2018-08-10
01 26 63.03.doc Change Authorization Template 2018-08-10
CashAllowanceProcessFlowchart.pdf Cash Allowance Process Flowchart 2017-04-03
01 26 63.06.doc Cash Allowance Request for Quotation Template 2018-08-10
01 26 63.07.doc Cash Allowance Authorization Template 2018-08-10
ChangeDirectiveProcessFlowchart.pdf Change Directive Process Flowchart 2017-04-03
01 26 63.04.doc Change Directive Template 2019-02-20

Design Build (DB) Template
(Use for Design Build Construction Contract Administration)

CA_DB_Change_Order_Process.pdf Design Build Change Process Flowchart 2018-08-02
CA_DB_Chg_Reason_Code_List.docx DB Change Document Reason Code List 2018-08-02
CA_DB_CCN.docx Contemplated Change Notice Template 2018-08-02
CA_DB_Change_Order.docx Change Order Template 2018-08-02
CA_DB_Detail_Cost_Brkdwn.xlsx DB Detailed Cost Breakdown Template 2018-08-02
CA_DB_Change_Directive.docx Change Directive Template 2018-08-02

Documents for Consultancy Services Less than $75,000

02_SFI RFP_TC_NEW.pdf Revised Short Form Invitational RFP Terms and Conditions 2015-10-30
03_SFI RFP Contract_NEW.doc Revised Short Form Consultant Services Contract 2019-02-11

Documents for Consultancy Services $75,000 and Over

02_GPRFP_TC.pdf Consulting Services RFP Terms and Conditions 2017-10-24
02_DESIGN_RFP_TC.pdf Design Consulting Services RFP Terms and Conditions 2017-10-25

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Terms and Conditions

02_RFQ_T&C_Final.pdf RFQ  Terms and Conditions 2017-10-25

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