Environmental Certifications


Since 2005, Alberta Infrastructure has been striving to align its operation and management of government facilities strict environmental standards and industry best practices as identified in the BOMA BEST (Building Owners and Managers Association’s Building Environmental Standards).  This national program addresses the following areas:

  • Reducing energy and water consumption;
  • Reducing waste and increasing recycling;
  • Minimizing and managing hazardous materials in a safe manner;
  • Setting preventative maintenance protocols to ensure optimal building performance;
  • And communicating with stakeholders about their role in environmental initiatives.

To date, Alberta Infrastructure has certified 89 buildings under the BOMA BEST program and three government-owned buildings have achieved BOMA BEST Platinum ratings, the highest level of possible.  Alberta Infrastructure also became the first organization to certify a UNESCO World Heritage Site to BOMA BEST (Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump).   For more information on the BOMA BESt program, please visit http://www.bomabest.com/.

Alberta Infrastructure received the “President’s Award for Environmental Sustainability” from BOMA Calgary in 2011 and again in 2013.


The Alberta Government has committed to environmentally friendly building design and construction by adopting the LEED® sustainable rating system, with a minimum “Silver” level as the standard for all new major construction projects since 2006 - including new schools, museums, and hospitals.  LEED® Silver buildings cost up to five per cent more than conventional buildings but are up to 45 per cent more energy-efficient than the Model National Energy Code for Buildings.

Interesting facts include:

  • To date, Alberta Infrastructure has 224 buildings under the LEED® rating system;
    • 114 completed and certified projects at the Silver level or higher.
    • 110 buildings currently registered and in design/construction in the program.
  • Government funded projects make up approximately 30% of all LEED® applications in Alberta.
  • Alberta leads Canada in LEED® certified space per capita at 1.2 sq.m per person, with Ontario at 1.02 sq.m per person, and British Columbia at 0.73 sq.m per person.
  • Alberta Infrastructure received the 2013 Canada Green Building Council’s Government Leadership Award