Greening Government Strategy

Alberta Infrastructure is a key partner of the Government of Alberta’s Greening Government Strategy – a government-wide policy that commits Ministries to continuously reducing, in concrete and measurable ways, detrimental environmental impacts that result from government operations and procurement practices.

Greening Government Highlights:

  • Every year, Alberta Infrastructure formally registers and participates in various national and international environmental awareness campaigns such as Earth Hour, the Commuter Challenge, Waste Reduction Week, and National Sweater Day.
  • In 2011, the Government of Alberta received an “R’s of Excellence Award for Government Leadership” from the Recycling Council of Alberta for its rollout of the Greening Government Strategy.
  • In June 2013, Alberta Infrastructure achieved the “most distance traveled by carpool” in the Commuter Challenge
  • In 2013, Alberta Infrastructure staff were awarded “Green Team of the Year” by the World Wildlife Foundation’s Living Planet @ Work Program for their work in encouraging sustainability in the workplace.