About School Infrastructure

Alberta Infrastructure is committed to ensuring that the children of Alberta go to school in buildings that are safe and healthy. Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Education jointly manage the administration, determine policies and regulations for and oversee capital programs and property management associated with nearly 1500 school facilities throughout the province.

School Building Projects

In partnership with Alberta Education, we consult with school boards to develop, plan and implement approved local capital plans and projects. Alberta Education oversees the prioritization, planning and approval for programs and projects, whereas Alberta Infrastructure focuses primarily upon providing technical and costing support to ensure that projects are within scope and on budget. Once Alberta Education has determined to approve and introduce a project into its Capital Plan, Infrastructure becomes involved through leading the implementation of such projects.

Final decisions on all new schools and major school building projects costing more than $2.5 million are made jointly by the Ministers of Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Education.

School Project Funding Planning

The School Capital Manual (previously School Infrastructure Manual)  includes policies, procedures, guidelines, and references for funding and planning projects.  It is updated on an ongoing basis as required.

School Capital Manual 

School Project Technical Requirements

Alberta Infrastructure's technical standards and guidelines for design, construction and upgrades to school facilities are in the Technical Resource Centre, Supported Infrastructure.

Guidelines and Standards

Standard Core School Designs


Designs for standard Kindergarten to Grade 6, Kindergarten to Grade 9, and Grade 5 to 9 core schools have been developed and adopted to support one of government's key priorities: providing school infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing economy and population. These designs will assist in the delivery of educational facilities in a timely, cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.

Summary of Standard Core School Designs (pdf 305K)

Standard Core Schools K-6 - 300 Capacity (pdf 5210K)

Standard Core Schools K-6 - 450 Capacity (pdf 2552K)

Standard Core Schools K-6 - 600 Capacity (pdf 15590K)

Standard Core Schools K-9 - 600 Capacity (pdf 1882K)

Standard Core Schools K-9 - 900 Capacity (pdf 2310K)

Standard Core Schools 5-9 - 600 Capacity (pdf 5MB)

Standard Core Schools 5-9 - 900 Capacity (pdf 11MB)

Features of Modular Classrooms

High-performance modular classrooms provide improved durability and can retain its shape during multiple moves. The modular classrooms look like permanent classrooms on the inside.

  • Meet the National Building Code of Canada and the Alberta Building Code, 2006;
  • Support the attainment of LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) Silver Certification;
  • Designed to provide a 50-year service life based on Canadian Standards Association’s standards and withstand a minimum of 10 re-locations over the life of the contract;
  • Meet specified gross floor area specifications and interior volume requirements;
  • Meet specified fire codes and design specifications for wind and snow loads;
  • Acoustic standards, including isolation of noise from mechanical units and isolation of exterior noise;
  • The walls and roof assemblies and windows are to meet specified technical standards; and
  • Indoor air quality, humidity, temperature and lighting are to meet specific technical requirements outlined in the contract.

School Facility Condition Evaluation

School Facility Condition Evaluation is an audit of all schools owned by Alberta school boards, and includes projects ranging from general modernization to window and roof replacements.

School Facility Condition Evaluation

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