Business Case Development

To meet the goals of government and to improve the delivery of services, ministries are constantly faced with significant decisions on complex projects and initiatives. A business case is a key document, used by management, to define, assess and evaluate the best approach to either proceed or not proceed with a project or initiative. The Standard Business Case Template and Usage Guidelines have been developed to support each ministry's business case preparation practices.

While the specific nature of a business case may vary, all business cases have a set of common elements. This Business Case Template incorporates these common elements into 12 sections, to ensure the foundation of an effective business case.

Business Case Template (doc 177K)

The Business Case Template is intended to assist government staff when writing business cases and to ensure that business cases within the government are written using a standard format and content. Management will know exactly what to expect to see in a business case, and the writer has an established format to follow.

Usage Guidelines
The Business Case Usage Guidelines have been developed to support the use of the Business Case Template. This includes frequently asked questions about the process.

Business Case Guidelines (doc 93K)

The guidelines recognize the dynamic nature of a business case and the various levels of detail that the business case may contain depending on the stage of assessment of the initiative. The guidelines also highlight the use of a business case in the post-implementation process.