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Guidelines and Standards
Supported Infrastructure

Pre-Design Phase

ConstMgmt.pdf Construction Management - An Owner's Guide to Using the "Construction Management" Project Delivery System on Alberta Infrastructure Funded Projects 2001-04-10
FloodRisk.pdf Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Location of New Facilities Funded by Alberta Infrastructure 2001-11
LEED_PD_Manual.pdf LEED Project Delivery Process Manual Nov 2016
LEED_PD_Appendices.pdf LEED Project Delivery Process Manual - Appendices Nov 2016

Design Phase


Design Guidelines for Continuing Care Facilities in Alberta

This document describes “best and contemporary practices” for continuing care facilities and is intended to promote innovative design for Supportive Living and Facility Living environments in Alberta

August 2018
architecturalguidelines.pdf Architectural Design Guidelines for Schools 2012-11

Bidding  Phase

Occupancy Phase

Mould in Indoor Environments Risk Assessment and Management Program Handbook - includes:
- Program Overview
- Environment Health Advisory
- Safe Operating Procedures - Mould Prevention
- Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
- Safe Operating Procedures - Mould Remediation
operationsmaintenance.pdf Operations and Maintenance
Handbook for School Facilities
SoundFieldGuide.pdf Sound-Field Systems Guide for Classrooms 2004-05

Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins A collection of technical bulletins that have been prepared by the Technical Services Branch of Alberta Infrastructure on a variety of construction topics.

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