In the mid 1970s, the Government of Alberta established Restricted Development Areas (RDAs) around the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. The lands included in these RDAs were designated for the Transportation/Utility Corridor (TUC) uses, being the high standard Ring Road systems, major power lines, pipelines and linear municipal utilities. The TUCs were seen as the most effective means of providing long-term alignment for future Ring Roads and major linear utilities needed to serve these expanding urban areas.

Land acquisition for the Transportation/Utility Corridor program commenced in 1974. To date, the Province has acquired 97 percent or more of the RDA Corridor requirements in Edmonton and in Calgary.


The objective of the TUC program is to facilitate Infrastructure's development of the two cities, their surrounding regions and the Province by accommodating the provincial Ring Road system, major power lines, pipelines, regional water and sewer lines and telecommunication lines. The Ring Road system includes the Anthony Henday Drive and Highway 216 (Hwy 14x) in Edmonton. In Calgary the Ring Road system includes Highway 22x and Stoney Trail (Hwy 201).

The TUCs were established on the principle that long-term planning for the accommodation of a number of transportation and utility facilities within a Corridor can maximize the use of those Corridors and also provide an open space in an area that will be surrounded by urban development. The TUCs protect Ring Road and utility alignments from advancing urban development and offer a long-term solution to many of the land use problems associated with developing major linear facilities in the urban context.

Future improvements to the Ring Road system will occur in the longer-term. As the TUC administrator, Alberta Infrastructure (INFRA) has the mandate to regulate the use of all lands within the TUCs, purchase the TUC lands, sell TUC lands that become surplus to the program needs, manage the lands (approximately 500 leases are administered) and issue authorizations to any individual, organization or company before they undertake a surface disturbance, or any government authority exercising its authority in the TUCs.


The legislative mandates for the TUC program are the Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park West Restricted Development Area (RDA) Regulations. These regulations are administered by Alberta Infrastructure (INFRA) and require any person, company, municipality or other agency who proposes to enter and undertake an activity or use within the TUC lands to obtain prior authorization from INFRA.