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Guidelines and Standards
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DesignExcellenceStaff Manual Procedures leading to Project Design Excellence August 2013
Consultant_Selection.pdf Consultant Selection Policy for Consulting Services 2009-04-01
Bldg Envelope Cx Guideline for Building Envelope Commissioning: New Buildings August 2016
Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Location of New Facilities Funded by Alberta Infrastructure June 2017
WildfireProtection.pdf Guideline for Wildfire Protection of Institutional Building in Forested Regions in Alberta March 2013
Solar Photovoltaic Guidelines Planning and Installation for Alberta Infrastructure Projects December 2017
    LEED_PD_Manual.pdf LEED Project Delivery Process Manual November 2016
    LEED_PD_Appendices.pdf LEED Project Delivery Process Manual - Appendices November 2016
LEEDCostAnalysis.pdf LEED Gold Certification Cost Analysis April 2009
SummaryReport.pdf - LEED Gold Certification Cost Analysis 2008-07-30

Environmental Hazards

EMR.pdf Environmental Management Requirements (EMR) for Hazardous Materials and Contaminated Sites 2016-09-01
HazardousMaterialsWorkProcess.pdf Process required by Project Managers when working on buildings which may contain hazardous materials. 2014-02-20
Environmental Management Requirements (EMR) Checklists:
     Asbestos Checklist 2013-01-31
     Biohazardous Material Checklist 2013-01-31
     CFCs Checklist 2013-01-31
     Hydrocarbon Checklist 2013-01-31
     Lead Checklist 2013-01-31
     Mercury Checklist 2013-01-31
     Mould Checklist 2013-04-05
     PCB Checklist 2013-01-31
     Radioactive Checklist 2013-02-04
     Unidentified Abandoned Chemicals Checklist 2013-02-04
ContaminatedSitesWorkProcess.pdf Process required by Project Managers when working on sites which may contain hazardous materials. 2014-04-23



TechDesignRequirements.pdf Technical Design Requirements for Alberta Infrastructure Facilities - Forth Edition February 2018
 TDR Appendix "G" Excel Spreadsheet Green Building Standards February 2018
TDR Climate Resiliency Study Climate change impacts our families, communities and infrastructure. Infrastructure recently completed a study to identify whether Alberta’s public buildings can withstand future climate changes (e.g. hotter weather, changing precipitation patterns, more frequent severe weather events like wildfires and flooding). The study concluded that Infrastructure’s Technical Design Requirements provide rigorous standards that ensure our public buildings are constructed to be resilient to future climate changes. July 2018

Technical Design Requirement Addendums

Updates to Sections/Appendices that occur between Edition revisions

Addendum #__

AHS_Struc_Cab_Req_V2-3.pdf Alberta Health Services Structured Cabling Requirements, Version 2.3 2016-09-08



Physical Security Guidelines & Standards for Government of Alberta Facilities, Version 2.0

January 2018
AccomStds.pdf Accommodation Standards, September 2016 2016-09-16
Open Office Etiquette.pdf Alberta Government Workplace Etiquette Reference Document 2017-01-31
    UniversalDesign.pdf The Seven Principles of Universal Design 2011-08-01
Technical & Research Documents: Design & Technology Series:
   Ongoing information 01 - PERSIST October 2016
   covering design, technology 02 - Sloped vs. Vertical Glazing October 2015
   and innovative topics. 03 - Green Roof Design October 2015

   Both the "Design & Technology

04 - Building Integrated Photovoltatics October 2016

  Series", and the "Research Papers"

05 - EIFS Assemblies October 2016
   Are relevant to Government of 06 - Understanding Insulation December 2016
   Alberta projects. 07 - Green Building Standards May 2017
08 - Operable Partitions Sept. 2017
09 - Electric Vehicles Jan 2018
   Research Papers:
Solar Energy for Public Buildings in Alberta May 4, 2016
District Energy and Co-generation for Public Buildings in Alberta June 27, 2016
Renewable Energy Strategies for Communities in Alberta Oct. 12, 2016


Technical Design Requirements for Health Care Facilities

** This document has been incorporated into the Technical Design Requirements for Alberta Infrastructure Facilities, various sections **

 July 2009

InfectionPreventionControl Health Care Facility Design Guidelines and Preventative Measures for Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Activities (AHS) March 2016
BarrierFree2004.pdf Design Aid for Barrier-Free Accessibility in Existing Buildings, 2004 2004-07-09
BarrierFree2008.pdf Barrier-Free Design Guide, 2008 July 2008

Updated Barrier-Free Design Guide for 2017:

In partnership with the Barrier-Free Council of the Safety Codes Council, Safety Services has developed the Barrier-Free Design Guide to provide further interpretation and understanding of accessibility requirements under section 3.8. of the Alberta Building Code. The Guide also makes recommendations for best practice design solutions including residential living.


Barrier-Free Design Guide ,2017


A copy of the Guide may be purchased from the Safety Codes Council at:

1000, 10665 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 3P9
Telephone: 1-888-413-0099
Fax: 1-888-424-5134
or on their website at:


June 2017








EMCSGuideline_2002.pdf Alberta Infrastructure Energy Management Control System (EMCS) Guideline for Logical Point Mnemonics March 2002
ArchitecturalGuidelines.pdf Architectural Design Guidelines for Schools November 2012
ClassroomControlsGuideline.pdf High Performance Modulare Clasroom Controls Guidelines July 2013


Digital Project Delivery

BidDocumentChecklist.pdf Bid Document / Drawing Review Checklist 2017-06-01
AIMReqConsultant Asset Information Management, Consultant Requirements March 2018
AIMReqContractor Asset Information Management, Contractor Requirements March 2018
AIMReqDesignBuild Asset Information Management, Design-Builder Requirements March 2018
AIMExPlanTemplate Asset Information Management, Execution Plan Template March 2018
BIMReqConsultant Building Information Modelling, Consultant Requirements March 2018
BIMReqDesignBuild Building Information Modelling, Design-Builder Requirements March 2018
BIMCOBieReq Building Information Modelling, COBie Requirements March 2018
BIMExPlanTemplate Building Information Modelling, Execution Plan Template March 2018
Alberta Infrastructure Standards for Consultant Deliverables for Building Projects  2011-11-10
SpecPrep Project Manual (Specification) Preparation Instructions for Alberta Infrastructure Building Construction Contracts 2013-04-01
Title Blocks A collection of template drawings which contain the Alberta Infrastructure title block and layers for a variety of disciplines.



  SES StartUp Site and Environmental Services - Start-Up  Meeting Agenda / Report 2004-06-17

ProjectSignage (unavailable, currently being updated)

Capital Project Identification Signage Guidelines October 2017
Commissioning Commissioning (Facility Start-Up) Forms



POE Post Occupancy Evaluation - Methodology May 2014
Mould in Indoor Environments Risk Assessment and Management Program Handbook - includes:
- Program Overview
- Environment Health Advisory
- Safe Operating Procedures - Mould Prevention
- Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
- Safe Operating Procedures - Mould Remediation
June 2006


Environmental Operations of Alberta Infrastructure Facilities, Third Edition

May 2018



Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins A collection of technical bulletins that have been prepared by the Technical Services Branch of Alberta Infrastructure on a variety of construction topics.

Dispute Resolution Process

DisputeResolution.pdf Dispute Resolution Process for Government of Alberta for Construction Contracts 1997

Schedule of Designated Services

1998AAA-APEGA_ScheduleDesignatedServices.pdf AAA APEGA Recommended Conditions of Engagement and Schedule of Professional Fees for Building Projects May 1998

Standing Offers


Pre-Qualification Master Agreement Call-Up Process and Performance Evaluation Guidelines 2016-01-20

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