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For more information about Alberta Infrastructure and our services:

Alberta Infrastructure
Infrastructure Building
6950 - 113 Street
Edmonton  AB  T6H 5V7

780-415-0507 (toll free in Alberta 310-0000)

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Contact the Alberta Government:

You can send us a comment or ask a question online. We try to respond within three working days.

You can also search the Alberta Government telephone directory.

You can also submit comments or questions by:

  • Calling the toll-free province-wide Alberta Connects comment line at 310-4455.
  • Faxing a letter to Government of Alberta at (780) 422 2852 . To fax toll-free within Alberta, dial 310-0000 then (780) 422 2852 .

Toll-free Dialing Information:

To be connected toll-free in Alberta to any Alberta government office, dial 310-0000 followed by the area code and phone number of the office you wish to reach.

More information on this service.

Outside Alberta, call long distance (780) 427 2711 to reach the government call centre.

For province-wide free phone calls to Alberta government offices from a cellular phone, enter *310 (for Rogers Wireless) or #310 (for Telus and Bell), followed by the area code and phone number. Public and government callers can phone without paying long distance or airtime charges.

Deaf/hard-of-hearing callers with a TDD/TTY, call 427-9999 in Edmonton or 1-800-232-7215 throughout Alberta.