Policies and Legislation

Information in this section provides details on the legislation Alberta Infrastructure is responsible for and the policies the ministry administers.

Alberta Infrastructure is responsible for:

Policies that affect the work we do:

Related Legislation - other Ministries

 Government Organization Act
           Crown Property Regulation AR 125/98
           Calgary Restricted Development Areas Regulation AR 212/76
           Edmonton Restricted Development Area Regulation AR 287/74

           Infrastructure Grants Regulation AR 56/2003

           Sherwood Park West Restricted Development Area Regulation AR 45/74
 Hospitals Act
           Hospitalization benefits Regulation AR 244/90
           Operation of Approved Hospitals Regulation AR 247/90
Mental Health Act
Nursing Homes Act
          Nursing Homes Operation Regulation AR 258/85
          Nursing Homes General Regulation AR 232/85
Post Secondary Learning Act
School Act
          Disposition of Property Regulation AR 3/2001
          School Buildings and Tendering Regulation AR 383/88
Water, Gas and Electric Companies Act